About Us

Our company, Atiker Tekstil Ind. Foreign Trade Inc. Co, was established in 2001 as a small family owned company.

We produce

·         Upholstery fabrics for furniture

·         Upholstery fabrics for automotive & office

ATİKER TEKSTİL  offers a wide range of products for HOME, OFFICE and VEHICLE interiors: flat and velvet woven fabrics produced on Jacquard machines and dobby machines, warp and circular knitted fabrics, warp and circular knitted plush fabrics and Raschel plush fabrics with or without required thickness foam laminated by flame. These textiles are used for FURNITURE, SOFAS, CHAIRS, CURTAIN, PILLOWS,  etc at home and  SEATS, COUCHETTE, HEAD and ARM RESTS, DOOR and CEILING PANEL, CURTAIN etc at VEHICLE and also for OFFICE.

While foundation we knew that the only way to improve our business was to offer to the customers better service, better quality and better prices... 

ATIKER TEKSTIL always practices it’s acts with the principal of ‘’Customer is the Boss’’ and always targets the Customers’ Pleasures and is aware that in order to obtain this, the quality must be provided together with the best possible competitive prices as well as to provide the high level of service understanding to all of the customers.